Want to meet for a…Tea??

March 25, 2009 at 2:55 am | Posted in On this journey... | 2 Comments



Why is it that the awkward get together always involves a coffee? You see an old friend- sort of awkward, guy asks a girl out for a quick brew- scary awkward, trying to kill time-lonely awkward, breaking up with your significant other-immeasurable awkwardness, all over a coffee! I honestly think that I can be bold enough to state that we would be nothing without our beloved sidekick. We need it in the morning, no ifs ands or buts. We dream about a fresh brew around 3PM, and hopefully follow our motto of only decaf after 9PM.images2 Whether it’s an addiction, a marketing god, or just that we enjoy the taste that makes us drool over the woman on the subway platform holding a Starbucks, coffee has been THE social phenomenon. In fact, I believe that you deserve a serious “thank you” from all of those 1990’s Alt-Rock Coffeehouse bands that made it because of your need for the bean!

But what about green tea? Fast forward to 2009, and boy, the times are a-changing. Since it became cool to begin to market all of nature’s products as a “health”necessity, and something that you needed to inject into your system to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it looks like green tea has really started to up its game. Funny that we’re realizing this health benefit now, as its been popular in Asia for over 5,000 years! Back then, I guess some “marketing god” told them how beneficial this beverage could actually be. Studies show that green tea promotes alertness, stimulates weight loss, can assist in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and certain cancers, among other things. And guess what? It even has more caffeine per cup than coffee! So what are we doing people?


I’m going to start asking people out for a cup of tea. Tea has a holistic nature to it. After a cup of green tea, I feel invigorated and energetic. I get it—and it’s wonderful. If you get the sudden urge to dump your coffee routine, I invite you to visit a charming Tea Cafe in the Chelsea Market, T Salon, located at 75 9th Avenue. This cafe/store/spiritual haven offers blends of Japanese and Green Teas, as well as countless other interesting combinations. So, next time you meet that old friend of yours, take them out for a tea…your body will thank you in the morning.



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  1. Awesome! Makes me want a green tea high now!!!

  2. Though I enjoy your writing and you make some awfully good points, I’m going to have to stick with coffee. How about this, coffee for the men and tea for the women? Think about it, coffee is dark, heavier, and packs more of a kick/bite – male characteristics; tea is light, sometimes colorful, aromatic, and sweet – female characteristics. Plus, you’d never see a cowboy drinking tea, and you cannot mix whiskey with it.

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