Weight Expectations

April 8, 2009 at 1:30 am | Posted in On this journey... | 1 Comment


“It’s suffering and it’s pain and it’s– You know, you lose weight and then you put back on weight and then you, you know, you call them a bunch of times and you try and email and then they move or they change their email…but that’s just love.”

– Paul Rudd in The 40 Year Old Virgin

And that, my friends, is a relationship in a nut shell. Well, sort of. Definitely the first part. When you are in a relationship for three plus years, the question remains: how do you keep it the way it was the first 6 months…energized, refreshed, constant butterflies…fit?

The whirlwind of the first year being in love is a roller coaster ride for your body. The pumping adrenaline, mixed with your brain being filled with dopamine fuels your body, and you somehow require less to do more. You sleep and eat less, and miraculously, you have soaring energy. I just don’t understand the logic in it.

Perhaps falling in love does a body good? I mean, you’re experiencing something new and exciting each and every day. You feel like you never want to leave the person’s side…or you will miss something. Eating is the last thing on your mind.

Fast forward three years later…and eating is the first thing on your mind. Why? Have you become complacent? Looking for passion in all the wrong places? OR are you eating the same caloric value as your significant other? Studies show that when women are in long-term relationships with men, they tend to start imitating their boyfriend’s eating habits, whether that means cold pizza for breakfast, or that juicy Jackson Hole burger for dinner (I’m exaggerating, of course). Problem is, women’s bodies aren’t set up the same. We metabolize food at a slower pace, and burn the calories off at an even slower one.


OK, so I need to kick up the pilates a bit more, and perhaps take my bike out. I know it. I feel it myself. But I ask this question…in what capacity is it OK for your significant other to TELL you that you need to do these things? Is it ever OK?


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  1. Well……if you do find out how to keep a relationship new please pray tell. Well it is never ok for someone to tell you in a mean way that we’ve packed on a few pounds. Hinting at it ain’t good either………I dunno if there is a nice way of telling someone though…….Ummmmm….

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