West Side “Hi”ghway

August 14, 2009 at 12:06 am | Posted in On this journey... | 1 Comment

The West Side Highway is a gem of a recreational spot on the lovely island of Manhattan. Stretching from 125th street all the way down to the Staten Island Ferry, it a place where people go to exercise, relax, play sports, chill with their friends and dogs, all while enjoying the backdrop of the beautiful Hudson River. In fact, it is such a pretty spot, it even makes the skyline of New Jersey look nice (and we all know how we feel about New Jersey 🙂 ).


With a beautiful back drop, and piers that extend into what feels like the middle of the river, and tons of free activities to do including the River to River Festival and other events, it is a perfect place to relax and perhaps may even be a city hot spot for all the mingling singles out there.


Everything seems perfect, right? WRONG. I’m not sure if any of you have ever heard of Craigslist.org’s Missed Connections? This fun, guilty-pleasure of a message board is a haven where romantic hopefuls can send empty love letters into cyber space with the hope that that special someone who he/she locked eyes with will read, which will then lead to them eventually getting married, and living happily ever after, of course ; ).


Anyway, I realized that the West Side Highway is the perfect spot for Missed Connections. Thing is, when I’m zooming down the highway on my roller blades, and I happen to catch the eye of an equally enthusiastic roller blader, he vanishes from my sight seconds later. That’s right…he’s going the opposite direction. What’s one to do? I mean, we would be perfect together right? We have the world in common (yes, right now roller blading is my world). Should there be a web-site dedicated exclusively to singles wanting to mingle on the the Hudson? Should there be a rest stop where singles can go..to maybe catch up with the one that could have easily gotten away?

Hm, if I were a city planner, I would put this sort of meeting spot into construction immediately….


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  1. What is this? A pamphlet?

    You should’ve talked to him.

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