An Extraordinary Debut

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On Friday night, February 26th, New York City was covered in a blanket of white. Offices closed early, the city grew quiet to the falling snow, people scurried to their indoor havens of warmth, and I headed over to Spike Hill in Williamsburg for my friend Indra Raj’s CD Release show, with opening act Warbles.

Spike Hill is a good venue for a show. The stage is a decent size and the acoustics are welcoming. Also, you can’t ignore the $5.00 beers and mixed drinks, in addition to really good bar food.

I was really excited to see Indra’s show. Her debut album Symmetry, which was released in January, is a collection of emotive and beautiful songs with great melodies and lyrics. The nine tracks on the album embody her oeuvre of musical exploration and experimentation over the last couple of years, and you can hear the passion enveloping from each track.

Warbles, a college friend of hers, started things off at 8PM and at 9 PM, Indra took the stage along with her band mates Johnny Butler on tenor sax, Rus Wimbish on bass, and Dan Davine on drums. They opened with Siren Song, track no. 8 on the album. I love this song as it really demonstrate Indra’s strong artistry as a creative songwriter and piano player. It also highlights the musical talents of her band mates.

It is clear to me that Eyelashes, track no. 2 on the album, is the sure emerging single on the record, and when performed live, Indra’s ownership and personal connection to the track clearly intoxicated the entire room.

Indra Raj performing Eyelashes with her band.

In addition to piano, Indra is also an accomplished guitarist, and she demonstrated this with her closing song, the beautiful Ordinary Day, which I think is her defining signature song. This song is perfect in so many ways… the lyrics are uplifting and memorable, the acoustic guitar, strummed beautifully. Honestly, it is hard not to sing along to this track, of which the audience and her friends did energetically!

Indra Raj

All in all, a great and snowy musical night. I recommend that you check out Indra Raj’s album! Symmetry is a beautiful work. I find myself constantly happy when her record pops up on my shuffling iPod, and I think you’ll be happy when you hear it too.

Record available on iTunes and


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