What food are YOU?

July 20, 2010 at 3:28 am | Posted in On this journey... | 1 Comment

The famous saying “you are what you eat” has for the most part been related to our body’s response to the diet that we choose to follow. Recently, however, a close friend of mine has established a new psychological concept that connects the food we eat not only to what it’s going to do to our stomachs, but to our personalities. At first, I was skeptical…but after a few examples of nailing personalities of friends on the head, and being 99% accurate, I was hooked. It really works. Intrigued? I know I am.

It all started last summer. The idea of understanding someone by connecting them to the flavors, adjectives, and experience of foods was a foreign idea. But my friend said…don’t worry, he/she is just a bologna sandwich on white bread. BAM! It was solved. All of my questions, worries, and concerns were solved with the simple understanding that this person was a bologna sandwich on white bread.

But what does that mean exactly? If you are a bologna sandwich on white bread, does it mean that you are bland, lack ambition to try new things and expand your horizon, close-minded? Does it mean that you are simple in your cuisine selection, and lack the desire to venture into exciting and new things? Perhaps…but it may just be how you see it. The cool thing about this concept is it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

Are you a mango–tangy and full of flavor and life? A bowl of swedish meatballs–hearty, delicious, filling? A rueben sandwich–so complex, yet simply delightful? Or are you a good old-fashioned hamburger on a bun–predictable and true?

Myself? I’ve been told that I am a fresh Italian Salad, with spicy dressing and extra seasoning. What does this say about my personality? It could mean that  I’m a robust, sometimes overly passionate, crazy curly haired gal. Or could it mean something else? I don’t know!

Are you what you eat? Or are you something else that you’d never eat? This experiment is very interesting…think about it, and let me know. You may not be happy with what’s in that kitchen of yours or…you may be satisfied, full, and content.


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  1. There is something personal about food. Something people identify with. Cultures revolve around the making, procuring and selling of food. You can learn so much about someone based on what their favorite cuisines/foods are to eat and make. Lately, I am definitely a haloumi and chana masala sandwich in a naan-like pita, with splashes of mango chutney and dill thrown in for good measure. But, as you well know, should I be stranded on a desert island, grilled cheese, shake and pickle is my go-to combo.

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