Why Are My Favorite Songs Under 2:20 Minutes?

October 23, 2010 at 8:19 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

They say the good things can’t last forever. If they did, they probably wouldn’t be as good, right? Come to think of it, most truly enjoyable things on this earth may only last for a couple of minutes. I’ll leave it up to you to decipher what they may be for you.

For me, I have recently noticed a common trend for my limited bouts of pure joy…my favorite songs. Most of my favorite songs clock in at under 2:20. What’s up with that? You see, I love music. It is the very core of my existence. If it’s not on, if I don’t have it, my life is dull and somewhat meaningless. Call me dramatic, but it’s true.

So I ask, why couldn’t the brilliant musicians who added meaning to my soul and quotidian life, who composed such brilliant tracks, make my favorite song just a little bit longer? I am a victim of the favorite short song. Here is my list of favorite tunes that should be MUCH longer.  Enjoy.

1. Intro by The Xx.

2. Sun King by The Beatles.

3. The Suburbs (Continued) by Arcade Fire.

4. Bookends by Simon and Garfunkel.

5. Sea of Love by Cat Power.

6. The Wind by Cat Stevens.

7. The Queen’s Approach by The Decemberists.

8. She Came in Through The Bathroom Window by The Beatles.

This isn’t to say that I don’t have favorite songs that are longer than 2:20. I mean, most of Radiohead’s collection clocks in after 4:00 per song, and boy am I grateful for that. With the above collection, perhaps the artist wanted to give us a taste of something awesome knowing full well that it would yield a powerful and quick experience for the music listener. And afterwards, we are hungry for more of the same jam. But it’s going to be okay! At lease we have the repeat button.



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  1. dude I listen to The XX’s intro on repeat at work because it stays ending WAY too soon

  2. i have songs like this too! and PARTS of songs that i wish would go one forever, but only last for a measely 10-15 seconds. what is up with that?!

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