It Starts With a Handshake…

March 7, 2011 at 2:07 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I recently saw a terrible movie. Actually, terrible is an understatement. It was probably one of the worst two hours of my life. This movie, which I chose not to even justify by writing its name, was one of those moments that make you cringe when you think about how you just wasted two hours of your life, as well as the hard earned $12.50 that vanished from your pocket. Ok, ok…it was No Strings Attached.

The only productive thing that I can credit this movie to doing was that it sparked the interest for my next topic…a topic that has created quite a stir amongst my social media/facebook peeps…a topic that will probably be endlessly debated…

Can guys and girls be friends and only friends?

I’ve received a wide spectrum of responses, standpoints, and affirmations. However, I stand firmly behind my opinion that NO, guys and girls cannot be friends. Not close ones anyway..and here’s why.

Let’s define friend/friendship.

According to friend is: a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard. Friendship is a friendly relation or intimacy. The problem comes when guys and girls begin to blur the lines and feel affection and intimacy on a level that’s become sexual. Think about it…it makes perfect sense. If you are confiding in a friend of the opposite sex, and feel deep regard for them as a friend, what is stopping you from taking it to the next level other than your own brain on overdrive? I honestly believe it to be a human response that we cannot control.

Deep down, humans are constantly looking for comfort, social circles, and mates. And when two people of the opposite sex attract on a level where they consider eachother friends, if they’re not romantically involved with anyone else, I think that their friendship would naturally become something romantic.

And even when friendships between guys and girls last for 20 years without anything happening (think When Harry Met Sally…), sooner or later either he or she is going to realize that they are in love with the other. I say, blame it on hormones.


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  1. I thought long and hard over this question, attempting to rationalize and convince myself that yes, guys & girls CAN just be friends … but it turns out, all of my male friends (except for the gay ones and even some of them!) I have at least kissed at some point in my life. Granted, some of my closest friends are male and over the years they have become my unofficial brothers, at one point or another, the line has definitely been crossed.

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