Help! I like Bad Beer and I Don’t Know Why.

July 6, 2011 at 1:18 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I know I shouldn’t, but I’ll admit it…I like really bad beer. I mean, it is a frowned upon phenomenon that when I am in local pubs like Sweet Afton or Sunswick, places that are known to specialize in delicious, exotic, and unique beers on tap, I find myself craving nothing more than a Miller High Life. I even feel bad ordering it at times and can sometimes make myself cringe when I see my reflection in a dingy pub mirror sipping that Coors light in a can. But hey, that’s me.

The problem is, I don’t really like anything heavy and am often frequently perplexed why there is a mass appeal for that bitter, deep and dark stout. What am I missing in this equation?

I asked a bunch of people what they thought the worst beer on the market was, and Bud Light with Lime was the clear winner. Thank goodness I’ve never tried it. So, then, I guess there is some hope for me. I mean, I want to like these good beers. However, every time I order a classic Brooklyn Lager at Brooklyn Bowl, I find myself secretly stashing the full beer glass on the other side of the alley. I insist on ordering it, but never in fact actually enjoy consuming it.

So the major question of the day is: how can I enjoy a delicious, unique, hoppy beer and not just pretend to?


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  1. You need to ask yourself… why do I drink beer?
    There comes a time that most men decide they want a beer that tastes better or has a higher alcohal content than most of the ones we see commercials for. We do several (hundred) taste tests, and pick a few that make us look cool at the bar.
    If you’re drinking it because it’s light… try a Hard Lemonade. If you’re drinking because you think you should drink something that looks harder than lemonade… try a vodka sprite.
    Personally, I’d take the girl with a mixed drink over the one with a shitty beer anyday. At least she knows what works for her.
    …actually, I give you credit for asking this question.
    If more women read this blog and tried to figure it out,
    then there would be less Bud Light drinkers out there.

    Nothing bothers me more than those commercials for Bud that say it’s still America’s beer, even though it’s owned by the Belgians.

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