If It Weren’t For Ketchup…

October 19, 2011 at 12:32 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

If it weren’t for ketchup, I honestly don’t know where my appetite would be. Actually, I’m Italian, so who am I fooling…my appetite would be probably be there, eating up some homemade sauce and spaghetti courtesy of my nonna Mendolia’s classic recipe. It is quite the coincidence, however, that both items that control my appetite are more or less just tomatoes. That beautiful, plump fruit(scientifically speaking) or vegetable (chef speaking),that hangs from a glorious vine, is the simple answer to my ridiculous preoccupation with America’s staple condiment.

In recent months, I’ve accepted this mass fixation over the condiment and have somewhat taken it to the next level. I have also stunned my roommate countless times over how many bottles of ketchup I consume in one month. So instead of trying to fix this obvious concern, I’ve decided to get creative with it!

Over the next couple of months, I plan on researching and trying as many brands and specialty ketchups as I possibly can. I will then uncover the best ketchup flavor on this planet. Since 2008, Hunt’s has been America’s favorite tasting ketchup according to this epicurious.com article. Is Hunt’s still the winner?

Finally, I will aspire to and actually create my own ketchup blend that will knock the socks off of anyone eating a burger, french fry, or fried egg sandwich.

So…what’s your favorite ketchup?

Let the taste test begin!


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  1. Oh, Man. Game ON!
    I think this is a perfect personal project for you, and let me be the first to signup for your taste-testing extravaganza. Provided it’s for fries or a veggie burger, COUNT ME IN!!!

    Should I give you your Xmas present in ketchup then?

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