Thank you, Shazam, for making my life better.

January 20, 2012 at 12:38 am | Posted in All Things Music... | 1 Comment

One iPhone app. that has really been an ear-opener for me is Shazam. As a music-obsessed twenty-eight year old, everywhere I go my ears are open and are hopefully waiting to be transported into a world of sheer brilliance. Are you lost? Sorry. I’m just always listening for the next awesome song.

I mean, music is what I crave. In fact, in a romantic/idealistic world my dream boy/girl pick-up scenario would go something like this:

(SCENE: Local Watering Hole; Early Evening;Cozy Lighting)

Me: “Hey..what song is this?”

Potential Boy: “’s that track on the new Black Keys album.”

Me: “Yeah?”

Boy: “Yeah..wanna beer and we can talk about the album?”

Me: “Um…yeah!”

I kid, I kid. But if you know me well, you know that I am easily peer-pressured by good music listeners. But back to why Shazam is brilliant. Shazam is sorta like my music robot boyfriend, able to tell me exactly what track I am enjoying, whether it be at a bar, a bowling alley, or in my living room on my t.v. In fact, since I began using it in 2010, I have collected and began to admire so many songs and new artists that I wouldn’t have been able to just a few years ago. It is because of Shazam that I am able to capture a brilliant song…and I am really happy about it. So happy, in fact, that I’ve decided to share some of my favorite tags since 2010. Hopefully, I can add some magic through song into your lovely lives. Enjoy! (P.S. I have really random taste in music.)

First Tag– Sept. 10, 2010: Artist: Cesaria Evora; Song: Bo E Di Meu Cretcheu

Tag #2- Nov. 6, 2010; Artist: Gogol Bordello; Song: Start Wearing Purple

Tag #3-Nov. 25, 2010; Artist: Michelle Featherston; Song: Coffee and Cigarettes

Tag #4-May 17, 2011; Artist: Sean Hayes; Song: Powerful Stuff

Tag #5-July 17, 2011; Artist: Calexico; Song: Sanchez

Tag #6- Aug. 30, 2011: Artist: Cults; Song: Never Heal Myself

Tag #7-Sept. 17, 2011: Artist: Born Ruffians; Song: Little Garcon

Tag #8- Dec. 2, 2011: Artist: Grouplove; Song: Tongue Tied

Tag #9-Dec. 4, 2011: Artist: Parov Stelar; Song: Booty Swing

Tag #10- Dec. 11, 2011; Artist : Otis Spann; Song: Ain’t Nobody’s Business

Tag #11-Jan. 17, 2011; Artist: Little Joy; Song: The Next Time Around

Ending on a high note for sure. I hope my Shazam’s have added to your music library 🙂


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  1. great post freaking lurve shazaam
    love your taste in music too smash!

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