Cloud Study

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This past June, I decided to take a look up…metaphorically and physically. A product of this idea comes my Cloud Study.

I present: a collage. 30 days. 30 skies. 30 different cloud patterns.


Collection of Moments

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Life is fast,

constantly swirling,

up and down the busy streets of New York City.

Egos tend to fly as high as skyscrapers

and people forget to look at the beauty in front of them.

This month, as I reflect upon my life and think about the open and uncertain road ahead, I’m taking the time to capture the beauty and simplest joys in life. Pushing paper never inspired me, nor will it ever. This photo viewbook however, represents things that continue to inspire and bring me joy on a daily basis. My collection of life’s fascinating moments.

Brooklyn Waterfront Sunset

fresh watermelon

citron glaze


reuse and restore



only sky


water, please

high up

vintage summer

find your sail

What food are YOU?

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The famous saying “you are what you eat” has for the most part been related to our body’s response to the diet that we choose to follow. Recently, however, a close friend of mine has established a new psychological concept that connects the food we eat not only to what it’s going to do to our stomachs, but to our personalities. At first, I was skeptical…but after a few examples of nailing personalities of friends on the head, and being 99% accurate, I was hooked. It really works. Intrigued? I know I am.

It all started last summer. The idea of understanding someone by connecting them to the flavors, adjectives, and experience of foods was a foreign idea. But my friend said…don’t worry, he/she is just a bologna sandwich on white bread. BAM! It was solved. All of my questions, worries, and concerns were solved with the simple understanding that this person was a bologna sandwich on white bread.

But what does that mean exactly? If you are a bologna sandwich on white bread, does it mean that you are bland, lack ambition to try new things and expand your horizon, close-minded? Does it mean that you are simple in your cuisine selection, and lack the desire to venture into exciting and new things? Perhaps…but it may just be how you see it. The cool thing about this concept is it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

Are you a mango–tangy and full of flavor and life? A bowl of swedish meatballs–hearty, delicious, filling? A rueben sandwich–so complex, yet simply delightful? Or are you a good old-fashioned hamburger on a bun–predictable and true?

Myself? I’ve been told that I am a fresh Italian Salad, with spicy dressing and extra seasoning. What does this say about my personality? It could mean that  I’m a robust, sometimes overly passionate, crazy curly haired gal. Or could it mean something else? I don’t know!

Are you what you eat? Or are you something else that you’d never eat? This experiment is very interesting…think about it, and let me know. You may not be happy with what’s in that kitchen of yours or…you may be satisfied, full, and content.

Beauty and the Beach-The Summer Essentials!

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The longest day of the year, Summer Solstice, is fast approaching. I never used to believe the people that said time flies but man oh man, does it ever. Anyway, summer in New York means being outdoors with friends and family, taking a trip to a freezing cold air-conditioned movie theater, going on a 50 mile bike ride, and enjoying each and every moment of the blissful and dog days of everyone’s favorite season.

It’s time to get out there and explore with the ones you love. Here are some great recommendations and summer essentials for keeping it cool for the next 3 months:


Jones Beach State Park

I have been biking this route for years now and it is the most relaxing and rewarding six mile pathway to the sands and ocean of Jones Beach. All you need is a LIRR ticket from Penn Station to Wantagh, L.I. and you are set for a day of fun in the sun! When you get off at Wantagh, you have to head about two blocks south until you see a sign for Cedar Creek Park, which is the entrance to the bike path. From there, it’s smooth sailing over two bridges and an amazingly picturesque route. Once you arrive, cool down with a refreshing brew at the refreshment stand and lie down to catch some sea breeze. Side note: don’t forget to buy your LIRR $5.00 bike pass (good for eternity) at Penn Station. Trust me, it’s the best $5.00 you’ll ever spend.


Bobbi Brown Beach Body Oil

When Bobbi Brown launched her line of Beach cosmetics, I thought I died and went to heaven. I mean, who doesn’t feel nostalgic and immediate happiness when they get a nice whiff of SUNSCREEN. This, by far, is the best scent in the universe. And because we do not live in a world where we can set up our office cubicle on the beach, Bobbi Brown’s line enables us to bring the beach with us to the office. I recommend the Body Oil. Brilliant.LISTEN TO THIS:


While you may be in the same boat as me when it comes to a non-existent summer vacation, there are many was to travel into the world of amazing and free outdoor concerts! From Celebrate Brooklyn to Central Park’s Summer Stage to The Beach at Governor’s Island, let these amazing bands transport you into a world of magic and bliss:

June 24: Buena Vista Social Club. FREE CONCERT at Celebrate Brooklyn. 6:30PM.

July 4: She & Him. FREE CONCERT at The Beach at Governor’s Island. 4PM.

August 8: The Xx. FREE CONCERT at Central Park Summer Stage. 7PM.

I hope you have a great summer! Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, pack your shades, and take some Hipstamatic photos.

The Douchebaggery That Is New York City.

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New York City has become a rich haven for the partying Bro. I am not quite sure when this transition took place, but over the last two years or so, bros have been invading almost every neighborhood in the city, making their obnoxious presence not only alive well, but thriving. When and how did this unfortunate phenomenon start? An even better question: will they ever leave the city?

It is important to understand the ridiculous culture of a bro, as well as signs that you may be dealing with something that cannot be tamed.

First and foremost…baby pink. Men who sport baby pink clothing in any way usually can be categorized as a bro. I’m sorry, but guys, baby pink does not flatter you…nor does it highlight your attributes. It is just plain silly. Perhaps this idea that with ultimate machismo, baby pink is the perfect  balancing accessory. What an awful, cringe-worthy mistake.

Second: Beer Pong. I’ll admit that now and then, the sudden craving to play beer pong consumes our generation, and we have to play. However, the Bro takes it one step further by making sure that beer pong makes its mark at every outing, or else it is not a good time. Romantic dinner for two? Ladies, just make sure you’re ready for post-dinner cans of Bud Light and Red sippy cups, because yes, he IS taking you to a bar that has both of those things.

Bros have taken the romance out of going out to local bars. They are turning this city into a never-ending Frat house, and I am getting sick of it. Bros be warned…if we happen upon an encounter, you can bet your bottom dollar that I won’t be saying “nice shirt”.

People, Wake Up! The Movies Have it Wrong!

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Love birds Ellie and Carl in Pixar's Up.

If you’re sentimental like me, you may share the same feeling that Pixar’s latest masterpiece, Up, is one of the most romantic and beautiful stories of our time. And it really is. This movie tugs at every emotional string in your body, because it is a story that believes in love.

Come to think of it, most movies believe in love in one way or another..even the cynical ones! I think that is why we enjoy watching them so much…because they work their magic in making us believe that fairy tale love, love where you feel like you’re flying high beyond the moon, is actually possible. It is funny how after a 120 minute film, we can suddenly feel hopeful of what the future may hold. But who am I fooling? Who actually believes in pure love?

Pure love is not REALITY. Love, if anything, is the greasy popcorn aftermath that you have to time and time again, clean up. If only it didn’t taste so good, we’d stop grabbing for it.

In my 26 years of existence, I’ve often been accused of being quite the dreamer…but, can anyone blame me? How would an accusation such as this be remotely fair if I’ve been drowned with silly love stories like Roman Holiday, Amelie, Sleepless in Seattle,  Gone with the Wind, and even Lady and the Tramp, since I was six years old?

Sleepless in Seattle

I’m tired of living in a dream world! It’s time to wake up. I need to process the fact that I’m not going to step out of my apartment tomorrow and into a world of romance. What I’m going to wake up to is a bar of dudes checking their iPhones every 5 minutes. But that’s ok because from this day forward, I’m going to accept it. I just have to come to the realization that I live in a day and age where a text message two weeks later signifies that he is semi-interested. Ugh!

Anyway, enough sighing…because ladies and gents, there is hope! In my quest to tone down my hopeless romantic self, I’ve entered the quest to find movies that tell real stories. I present:


1. (500)Days of Summer Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. Directed by Marc Webb.

If you haven’t seen this movie, please, see it. It comes out on DVD this Tuesday 12/22. A well-performed, smart and quirky work about a love that does not end up with the happy ending that you think! Helps put the emotion of love in perspective, and offers an alternative sense of hope. Oh, and the soundtrack rocks.

2. High Fidelity starring John Cusack. Directed by Stephen Frears

“Hey, I’m not the smartest guy in the world, but I’m certainly not the dumbest. I mean, I’ve read books like “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” and “Love in the Time of Cholera”, and I think I’ve understood them. They’re about girls, right? Just kidding. But I have to say my all-time favorite book is Johnny Cash’s autobiography “Cash” by Johnny Cash.”- Rob Gordon

This has by far become my movie of the year. So much so, that I want it to be re-released in theaters! I’ll admit, I think I’ve watched it at least 20 times since April. This movie is pure genius, because it is a real story. This is reality. Things are messy, emotions are questioned…we are confused individuals when it comes to love!

So what are you waiting for?? Log- on to Netflix already! It’s time that you see these movies again, for the first time.

Are you Flirting With Me?

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Flirting, according to Wikipedia, is an expression of sexuality and a common form of social interaction whereby one person obliquely indicates a romantic or sexual interest towards another. I’ll add that it makes our hearts pound, gives us sweaty palms, and makes us act like Disney’s Goofy. What I want to know is, why am I so bad at it??


I mean, I should be really good at it. I’ve had a lot of practice meeting and greeting men living in sexy New York City, I speak a romance language fluently, and I know how to smile. Day in and day out though, I am more and more confused, perplexed, and am beginning to think I am downright clueless about how to properly, aggressively, and successfully flirt.

But to give myself credit, I think guys are bad at it too. A great example of this happened yesterday, during a crazed coffee break. I was fading fast so I decided to hit up Starbucks, for that much needed jolt. As I ordered my grande coffee, unsweetened, the wired barista started to work his “retail” flirting magic by coaxing me to purchase their new Instant VIA. Usually I am not suckered into this type of pressure but for some reason, I was a bit intrigued by his approach. I don’t know whether it was the attention was making me feel good, or the simple fact that someone was being extra nice, or if I thought he was flirting with me BUT I bought the VIA. Everything was great up until the point where he then took the “retail” flirting to the next level by stating that if I wasn’t satisfied with VIA, I could come back and throw a whole hot cup of it in his face. I couldn’t resist the burst of laughter that was forming deep in my belly, and out it came. YES, guys are terrible flirts! Terrible Terrible.


Men can hide their terrible flirting, but at the end of the day…they really could take a couple of pointers from some key players. But who? Are there any key players? I’m not so sure…

The Man Purse

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Fashion week, please explain something to me… What is it with men these days walking around with what seem to be a purse? I mean, I just don’t get it. They are invading the planet. For weeks now, I have seen dudes in Starbucks, at Bryant Park, catching the F train, all over Florence, Italy, for heaven’s sake, wearing purses. I can’t escape it…and no, it’s not OK.


So recently, my little wandering mind has traveled through styles and trends over the last 50 years. Never in my life have men been accessorizing as much as they are today. The 21st century has definitely pushed forward some ridiculous ideas of what looks good. I mean, call me old fashioned, but I find a guy with jeans, a t-shirt, Adidas Sambas, and an old, worn baseball hat to be the hottest thing on Earth.


They say it’s European. Honestly, that really stinks because I thought I loved everything European.  I wish that were the case. Unfortunately, the MURSE is everywhere. I’m not going to knock the importance of a bag. Bags are important! We need to carry our stuff around! Additionally, they have been around forever. Bags have been noted in literature as early as the 14th century, and have been seen in artwork as early as the Egyptian hieroglyphs. Maybe it was ok back then, because Gucci didn’t design it.

I just don’t know…as the eyebrows are getting thinner and thinner, and bags getting more and more flamboyant, am I going to have to train my eye in thinking this is hot, attractive, acceptable? Gosh…I hope not.

West Side “Hi”ghway

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The West Side Highway is a gem of a recreational spot on the lovely island of Manhattan. Stretching from 125th street all the way down to the Staten Island Ferry, it a place where people go to exercise, relax, play sports, chill with their friends and dogs, all while enjoying the backdrop of the beautiful Hudson River. In fact, it is such a pretty spot, it even makes the skyline of New Jersey look nice (and we all know how we feel about New Jersey 🙂 ).


With a beautiful back drop, and piers that extend into what feels like the middle of the river, and tons of free activities to do including the River to River Festival and other events, it is a perfect place to relax and perhaps may even be a city hot spot for all the mingling singles out there.


Everything seems perfect, right? WRONG. I’m not sure if any of you have ever heard of’s Missed Connections? This fun, guilty-pleasure of a message board is a haven where romantic hopefuls can send empty love letters into cyber space with the hope that that special someone who he/she locked eyes with will read, which will then lead to them eventually getting married, and living happily ever after, of course ; ).


Anyway, I realized that the West Side Highway is the perfect spot for Missed Connections. Thing is, when I’m zooming down the highway on my roller blades, and I happen to catch the eye of an equally enthusiastic roller blader, he vanishes from my sight seconds later. That’s right…he’s going the opposite direction. What’s one to do? I mean, we would be perfect together right? We have the world in common (yes, right now roller blading is my world). Should there be a web-site dedicated exclusively to singles wanting to mingle on the the Hudson? Should there be a rest stop where singles can maybe catch up with the one that could have easily gotten away?

Hm, if I were a city planner, I would put this sort of meeting spot into construction immediately….

Sulk Nation Soundtrack

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I’m sure everyone feels the pains of heartache in their lives. It is an inevitable feeling. But for some reason, like child birth, we have the capability to forget about it because we find ourselves doing it over and over again. Why do we crave love so much? Haven’t we learned from that one big break up that it is just not worth it?

Oh but I’m sure people will disagree with me. It is all worth it. Memories are worth everything. They are what keeps us warm at night when no one is there, and they also make us feel immense happiness. 


A constant sulky mood is something that has become the new accessory in my life. When I wake up in the morning, it is there. Brushing my teeth, it is there. Shopping for things that I don’t have money for…it is there. Gosh, I cannot escape this sulk. Thankfully, I have a plethora of wonderful songs on my iTunes that suit this very accessory….

This month I present: Sulk Nation Soundtrack.

Won’t you join me?

Ain’t No Sunshine- Bill Withers

The gritty feel of this soulful track immediately pulls you in a time machine back to the 1970’s. I love the heavy bass in this song. Gets me every time.

Bring it on Home to Me- The Animals

This song just pours with emotion. The lyrics really speak to me. Eric Burdon is just amazing, what can I say?

Don’t Let Me Down- The Beatles

Kinda ironic, cuz i’m totally let down. But this is probably my favorite Beatles song…so raw..and real. Oh, and Billy Preston is on the single, released in 1969.

Half of You- Cat Power

Yes, this song is in True Blood. But I’ve loved Cat Power for a while. Her voice is so dream like with a “longing for” quality. You may be wondering why I chose this song, because it is clearly a love song. I find it ten times more emotional when you’re sulky and listening to it. 




Cat Power performing.

Cat Power performing.



Sad Songs and Waltzes- Cake

Title says it all : )

(Nice Dream)- Radiohead (and their entire OK Computer album though this song is on The Bends)

Nice Dream is a song that provides for an outlet of any bad dream that is swimming in your mind and thoughts. It is unmistakably beautiful.

You Don’t Miss Your Water- Taj Mahal OR Otis Redding

These two sing the pain out of this song! You can just feel the aches coming from their bodies.

Oh What a Day- Ingrid Michaelson

I just recently discovered this singer. I admit, I feel that she appeals more to the female audience…however her lyrics and chord progressions are beautiful and touching.

Atlantic- Keane

This songs builds with emotion, whether it’s anger, happiness, nervousness, etc.

Dvorak’s American String Quartet in F- Second Movement, Lento

If you are not into classical music, I am SURE this movement of one of the most beautiful pieces ever written will change your mind! : )

Beware of Darkness- George Harrison

images-1This amazing man’s music touches me more and more each day.

So there you have it…my current collection of songs that are on heavy rotate on my iPod…getting me through the day. I invite you to listen with me! But please, keep your spirits up…because hey, it’s only life…and we should live it smiling.

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