Vintage VW

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Vintage VW

Greenpoint, New York



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North Fork, Long Island

Finding a Silver Lining The Buddhist Way

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Over the last few weeks, after watching the documentary The Buddha: The Story of Siddhartha, I have been inclined to act more like Buddha. Why? Because as an agnostic person whose main gospel is music, Buddhism has been the sole religion that as an adult I can actually connect with. And also, because the Buddha inspires me.


Who wouldn’t want to act like someone who inspires them? But to be more specific, I am trying to act more like Buddha because I want to be ok with just being. Me. Ashley. And that’s it.

Let me tell you…this is the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do. Just being has brought about some heightened anxiety. Is it truly impossible that me, a 29 year-old on the cusp of 30 cannot just be? Why can’t I just sit in my living room and just be. Why am I constantly bothered by what I am not. Why am I bothered that I am not a mother, or a lover, or the next great music composer? Why do humans yearn for things? Buddha knew that by yearning, the act of it, is what brought on sadness.

I am tired of being sad. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to cry…but being sad is for people who WANT things. The only thing I want this year is to not WANT but just be…me. If I can attain that, I will have found my silver lining.

I Know Nothing

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I took that photo back in 2010. I also wrote that message on a bar windowpane on what was a chilled December night mirrored to this one. Funny thing though…tonight, for some reason, I don’t feel like I did back in 2010. I don’t feel like writing I Love Love anywhere. I don’t even feel like saying it. I don’t believe it anymore. I don’t love love. Where did I go missing?

I used to reign with positivity…with and air and essence as though anything was possible. Was I living through rose-stained glasses that were falsely tinted? Did I want to see something that just doesn’t exist? Was I trying to grasp onto a fantasy that one may only ever find in timeless novels of the past? 

My footsteps thus far have led me to the wrong path. A path this is much disregarded by my twenty-something peers. A path that leads to solitude and somber stances. Reality. Punches you in the face like a stinging winter’s wind. And then, that feeling takes over…and all you wish for is to somehow get back to that blissful, naive state of loving…love.



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“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” ~ Marcel Proust

I look at NYC with a different pair of eyes, almost every time I leave my apartment..because the truth is, is that I am always looking for new beauty and  inspiration from this ever-inspiring city.

Some of my most inspiring locations, represented in the photos above happen in Astoria, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, the beaches of Long Island, and well sometimes, Mannahatta 😀

Cloud Study

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This past June, I decided to take a look up…metaphorically and physically. A product of this idea comes my Cloud Study.

I present: a collage. 30 days. 30 skies. 30 different cloud patterns.

Instagram Has Changed My Life.

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I remember that special August day last year when I first downloaded the new, and may I add “free” app, Instagram. It seemed like an ordinary day. Little did I know, this app would seriously change my like of taking photos into an obsessive love. Photo sharing with your friends and family is awesome…and what better way to do it than with some cool retro filters. My favorites are X- Pro II, Lo-fi, Earlybird, and Nashville! If you’re as obsessed as I am, take a look at the cool siteStatigram, where you can track your Instagram in data form! Here are some of my favorite shots over the last 8 months:

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Untitled: A Poem

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Awaken night

Cloudy speckles of conscious thoughts

Laid out like a bed of stars across the navy blue iridescent blanket.

Sleep is so far away

Have I forgotten everything?


Thank you, Shazam, for making my life better.

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One iPhone app. that has really been an ear-opener for me is Shazam. As a music-obsessed twenty-eight year old, everywhere I go my ears are open and are hopefully waiting to be transported into a world of sheer brilliance. Are you lost? Sorry. I’m just always listening for the next awesome song.

I mean, music is what I crave. In fact, in a romantic/idealistic world my dream boy/girl pick-up scenario would go something like this:

(SCENE: Local Watering Hole; Early Evening;Cozy Lighting)

Me: “Hey..what song is this?”

Potential Boy: “’s that track on the new Black Keys album.”

Me: “Yeah?”

Boy: “Yeah..wanna beer and we can talk about the album?”

Me: “Um…yeah!”

I kid, I kid. But if you know me well, you know that I am easily peer-pressured by good music listeners. But back to why Shazam is brilliant. Shazam is sorta like my music robot boyfriend, able to tell me exactly what track I am enjoying, whether it be at a bar, a bowling alley, or in my living room on my t.v. In fact, since I began using it in 2010, I have collected and began to admire so many songs and new artists that I wouldn’t have been able to just a few years ago. It is because of Shazam that I am able to capture a brilliant song…and I am really happy about it. So happy, in fact, that I’ve decided to share some of my favorite tags since 2010. Hopefully, I can add some magic through song into your lovely lives. Enjoy! (P.S. I have really random taste in music.)

First Tag– Sept. 10, 2010: Artist: Cesaria Evora; Song: Bo E Di Meu Cretcheu

Tag #2- Nov. 6, 2010; Artist: Gogol Bordello; Song: Start Wearing Purple

Tag #3-Nov. 25, 2010; Artist: Michelle Featherston; Song: Coffee and Cigarettes

Tag #4-May 17, 2011; Artist: Sean Hayes; Song: Powerful Stuff

Tag #5-July 17, 2011; Artist: Calexico; Song: Sanchez

Tag #6- Aug. 30, 2011: Artist: Cults; Song: Never Heal Myself

Tag #7-Sept. 17, 2011: Artist: Born Ruffians; Song: Little Garcon

Tag #8- Dec. 2, 2011: Artist: Grouplove; Song: Tongue Tied

Tag #9-Dec. 4, 2011: Artist: Parov Stelar; Song: Booty Swing

Tag #10- Dec. 11, 2011; Artist : Otis Spann; Song: Ain’t Nobody’s Business

Tag #11-Jan. 17, 2011; Artist: Little Joy; Song: The Next Time Around

Ending on a high note for sure. I hope my Shazam’s have added to your music library 🙂

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! Thanks for reading my blog.

Here’s to a year where I become a ukulele master instead of a ukulele wannabe 😀

Current status: still wannabe.

Cheers 2012!

Oh, and that’s my super talented sister singing 😉

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